The Centenary of the Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion supports serving and ex-serving personnel all year round, every day of the week – they start after one day of service and continue through life, long after service is over. We all know about the Poppy Appeal and the Festival of Remembrance, but they do far, far more than that.

And this year, 2021, sees the centenary of the Royal British Legion, and they’re planning a celebration.

Members of the Legion will be getting this and more information, with local branches (Rickmansworth, Croxley Green and Abbots Langley) in the lead for activities for a full national celebration. 2021 is also the centenary of both the Rickmansworth and the Croxley Green Branches as well – they were there within months of the start on 15th May 1921!

RBL will be publishing a book to mark the Centenary, with stories and images that can be used across their various communication channels. They’re asking their Membership community to delve into the history of their branches – with the help of RBL members, they hope to unearth and share the unique and rich experience of RBL’s past and look to its future legacy, as they embark on Telling Our Story. They want people to kick start the centenary commemorations by Telling Our Story.

They’re asking people to delve into the history of branches, members, volunteers and community work, to share related records, artefacts, experiences, personal stories and more. Be it assisting their beneficiaries, commemorating key events and anniversaries, bringing the community together, or simple stories of the day-to-day events in our area – no story, item or recollection is too small. The items will then be captured in their digital library so that the story can be told for another 100 years.

But the public also have role to play. Many, many local people will have been involved with the RBL over the years, but may not now be in touch with them. Those people are warmly invited to contribute their memories and memorabilia, whether as beneficiaries or as volunteers or supporters in any other way, perhaps as charity partners, community associations, elected officials, government agencies and the Services at all levels.

There are just over a couple of months to gather stories and artefacts in preparation for the centenary commemorations in May. The Royal British Legion are standing by to hear from any of us with a contribution to make!

Simply email your stories and photographs to and one of their team members will upload them into their digital library. Or you can contact the Branches directly – details are on the website. But the Royal British Legion would love to hear your story!

Published by Rickmansworth Historical Society

The Rickmansworth Historical Society was founded on the initiative of Godfrey Cornwall who became its first Chairman. Our activities cover the history of the "old parish area" of Rickmansworth, which includes Chorleywood, West Hyde, Mill End and Croxley Green, Loudwater, Batchworth and Eastbury as well as the town of Rickmansworth. We meet at 8pm on the second Thursday of the month from September to June inclusive in the Cloisters Hall, The Cloisters, WD3 1HL, opposite St Joan of Arc School, Rickmansworth. The Committee meets about four times a year to conduct business and plan the programme. The Society publishes the Rickmansworth Historical Review three times a year.

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