Programme 2019-20

12 September 2019 The Art of Underground Travel

by David Burnell

10 October 2109 The Amersham Martyrs 

by Dr Peter Burrows

14 November 2019 Mabel Neville: the story of a local survivor of the Lusitania

by Greg McCormick

12 December 2019 Cassiobury, the ancient seat of the Earls of Essex

by Paul Rabbitts

9 January 2020 West House and the Heath Robinson Museum

by Cynthia Wells

13 February 2020 The Antikythera mechanism: an ancient Greek astronomical calculating device

by Aris Dacanalis

12 March 2020 Chenies Manor and the Russell Family 

by Alison Wall

9 April 2020 Beacons of the Past: investigating a prehistoric Chilterns landscape 

by Dr Wendy Morrison

14 May 2020 The Rickmansworth Week Lecture: Lord Ebury’s Railway  

by Chris Hillier

11 June 2020 66th AGM then The Slave Owners of West Hertfordshire

by Brian Thomson