Policing in Rickmansworth

We had a cracking talk last night from Andy Wiseman, secretary of the Hertfordshire Constabulary’s History Society.

From the ancient role of the parish constable to the modern work of the Hertfordshire force, via why south Hertfordshire was policed by the Met until 2000, he took us through the full evolution of policing in the county. There aren’t many police services which have this formal focus on their history, but of course as historians we know the value of understanding ‘why things are as they are’.

The story is related to the study of ‘lock-ups’ which has been the subject of a separate short Blog post. The website is here, and a Rickmansworth-specific search takes you here. There’s even a link to allow you to contribute!

Real local history – enjoy (as they say)!

Published by Rickmansworth Historical Society

The Rickmansworth Historical Society was founded on the initiative of Godfrey Cornwall who became its first Chairman. Our activities cover the history of the "old parish area" of Rickmansworth, which includes Chorleywood, West Hyde, Mill End and Croxley Green, Loudwater, Batchworth and Eastbury as well as the town of Rickmansworth. We meet at 8pm on the second Thursday of the month from September to June inclusive in the Cloisters Hall, The Cloisters, WD3 1HL, opposite St Joan of Arc School, Rickmansworth. The Committee meets about four times a year to conduct business and plan the programme. The Society publishes the Rickmansworth Historical Review three times a year.

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